H.J.C Polecki Trading is located in the middle of Poland. That country for centuries was a  link between East and West Europe, so is it today. In Poland meet roads from Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Today there is even direct rail connection to China. That connection because of political support grows and become one of the strategic economic challenges for Chinese Administration as a part of the new Silk Road. Nevertheless, trade exchange in the agro sector between Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan is growing. Rural sector is also strong in the south part of the CEE region. Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria are very active to maintain buyers attention.

Our company helps to maintain successful cooperation between supplier from CEE and buyers. Thanks to our wide contacts over whole CEE region and even Asia we can help to reach a higher level of purchasing process for every side. We can compare multiple offers from the region and offer to the buyer complex solution with competitive prices. All suppliers have been checked by our clients. All ads are reliable and trusted.

HJC POLECKI TRADING – reliable grain supplier for demanding buyers!