We work with trading companies, wholesalers, farmers, seed centers. We deliver goods for further processing or direct confection. The goods supplied by POLECKI TRADING are used to make cooking oils, bird feed, fodder, used as bakery additives or for confectionery production. We cooperate with entities from Europe and Asia. Therefore, we invite companies from the agricultural and food industry that are interested in selling or obtaining goods that are optimal in terms of price and quality to cooperate with us. We specialize in export and import, and in this space it is possible, inter alia, to cooperation.

We especially encourage you to contact brokers who are interested in fair and clear rules of cooperation.

The company will soon obtain the rights to distribute goods from Turkey from the FMCG segment in Europe, therefore I invite you to contact wholesale companies serving retailers and companies from the parallel trade category.

The goods supplied by POLECKI TRADING are what you need.